Javascript, JQuery, Passwords, Etc.

(If you want to skip to the good part of this post, head to here!) I have been busy the past few weeks! I decided that I wanted to try and learn a bit about Javascript and JQuery, so I took it upon... [Read More]

I Can Haz Password?

Last night, a site that I helped write in Python (prior to 2005) was moved to a new server. It came as a surprise to no one that the site broke as a result of the move. The old server was likely RHEL 2.1. The new server is likely RHEL... [Read More]


I know. I know. Where have I been? It’s been like a year since my last post. Well, the last year has been quite….how shall I put it….busy. In the past year, I have marked my 11th anniversary at Rackspace, and I graduated with an Associate’s Degree from San... [Read More]

Twitter Weekly Updates for the week ending 2010-04-16

I'm at Red Lobster - 4511 Northwest Loop 410 (4511 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio).— Javier Ayala (@javiergayala) April 10, 2010 I'm at Bridgewood Sports Fields.— Javier Ayala (@javiergayala) April 10, 2010... [Read More]